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Learning to lead strategic transformation

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Meet transformer #1:

Leading strategic transformation: DSM’s journey from mining to sciences

How a company of 25.000 employees have gone through five waves of transformation, from mining and petrochemicals to advanced Sciences. Rob Kirschbaum has led innovation work at DSM since 2000. He will share his insights into building the innovation engine for longterm transformation.

Rob Kirschbaum
Former VP Open Innovation at Royal DSM

The Architecture of strategy & transformation

Christian Rangen develops innovators and innovative business strategies. He is an author, speaker, lecturer and consultant on strategy, innovation & leadership.

He is founder and Partner of Engage // Innovate – Strategy & innovation consulting company. Working with senior leadership on innovative strategic transformation, innovation strategies, business model innovation and creative leadership development. He helps global companies master their top strategy & innovation challenges.

Christian Rangen
Partner // Co-Founder
Engage // Innovate

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NewSpace – It’s time to think Outside the Planet

A global movement is now driving exponential growth and new business models for space. Hear how a former oil and gas innovation manager is now Thinking Outside the Planet.

Ole Gunnar Dokka, Member of the board, Think Outside the Planet
Strategy & Innovation Director, INT
Former Manager Innovation at Statoil

Meet a Transformer #2:

Putting gas stations in space: fueling the space frontier

Shackleton Energy Company is on the path to lead a new industrial revolution. Much like the first oil companies some 150 years ago, Shackleton is prospecting and mining energy to create fuel, not for cars, but for spacecrafts. With a highly experienced team from NASA, The Pentagon and a wide range of space, finance and engineering companies, the company aims to develop fuel stations that will change how we do business in space and jump -start a multi-trillion dollar industry.

Jim Keravala
Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer Shackelton Energy
Board Member, Founder of multiple space & software-related companies

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Meet a Transformer #3:

Making space investible: Show me the Markets!

Take a Sillicon Valley tech startup, collaborate with venture capital firm Deep Knowledge Ventures out of Hong Kong, mix in some of the world’s most advanced AI – artificial intelligence software. The result: Transplanetary, a wildly ambitious and transformative company on a blazing mission to make create an eco-system of business models for newspace.

Erika Ilves
Co-Founder, Transplanetary
Chief Strategy Officer, Shackleton Energy Company.

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