Speaker: Rob Kirschbaum from DSM

We are happy to welcome Rob Kirschbaum from DSM as one of our headline speakers at Strategy Summit 2015. Mr. Kirschbaum has worked in DSM the past 30 years, and has lead the innovation and new business development for nearly 20 years.

DSM is a company with a highly fascinating background from a strategic perspective. The company has gone trough five waves of transformation. DSM began as a modest coal mining company in 1902 and has spend the past 100 years to go from being Dutch coal miners to an international company that connects its unique competences in Life Sciences and Materials Sciences to create solutions that nourish, protect and improve performance.

The story behind DSM’s transformation from coal and oil, and into advanced sciences could be both inspirational and highly relevant for our friends in the oil & gas industry. Our DSM speaker, former VP. Innovation, Rob Kirschbaum has been leading DSM’s new business development for nearly 20 years, and will show how DSM decided to leave the oil business for higher margins elsewhere.

During he’s time in DSM, Rob has held several roles in R&D and New Business Development. Highlights include the Dyneema technology development with Toyobo, Santyl business development in particular Asia, and receiving the Giulio Natta Award for commercialization of various innovative performance materials. In New Business Development, Rob was the first to lead the Corporate Business Incubator and pioneered the Open Innovation concept in DSM.

Meet Rob in Stavanger at Startegy Summit January 29th 2015

Watch this interviwe made by UNU-MERIT. They spoke with Mr. Kirschbaum about where his company has come from and where its focus on innovation is taking it around the world and into the future.

Welcome to Strategy Summit 2015!