Speaker: Jim Keravala

Jim Keravala is on the frontline, and leading the new industrial revolution in space. He is Co-Founder and COO at Shackleton Energy Company, the company who is putting gas stations in space. January 29th Jim is coming to Stavanger to speak and attend the second annual Strategy Summit.

Jim has been in the space industry for over 25 years. He has launched over a dozen satellites, and been involved in the establishment of new space programs for emerging space nations. Jim combines systems engineering and entrepreneurial drive to build long-term infrastructure vision based upon near term capital requirements in his role as architect of Shackleton Energy Company’s program. Jim also leads SEC’s Middle Eastern, European and Russian operations teams.

“We are Go for the greatest and most profitable endeavor in human history. With our depots in space and crew on the Moon, we’ll have boots on the ground and set a foothold to the stars.”

On Strategy Summit Jim will be giving the presentation “Your next energy industry: SPACE”. Welcome!