Speaker: Erika Ilves

We are proud to introduce Erika Ilves as one of our headline speakers at Strategy Summit. Erika is an innovation strategist for hypervisionary ventures and is currently focused on two space ventures: Shackleton Energy and Transplanetary. At the Strategy Summit she will be talking in her role as a product development lead for Transplanetary, a space development company developing an AI-powered web intelligence platform that will give space investors, commercial space community and space enthusiasts a real-time insight into the global space ecosystem.

Erika is an innovation strategist and author on a mission to recruit more people for the ungrateful job of starting hyper-visionary ventures–projects that advance human civilization and can take decades if not several lifetimes to see through. Creating friendly Artificial Intelligence, defying aging, electrifying the world’s car fleet, replacing fossil fuels, switching from livestock to lab-grown meat are all examples of hyper-visionary projects. Personally, Erika chose to focus on space settlement. She cites three reasons for her choice:

  • X-risks. A one-planet civilization is vulnerable. From asteroid impacts and supernova explosions to planetary pandemics, nuclear war and runaway technologies, we face several existential risks that could bring our civilization to the brink of collapse, or worse, our extinction. Erika believes that the obvious solution is to run our civilization as a federation of self-sufficient settlements on Earth, Moon, Mars and habitats in free space.
  • Terrestrial challenges. Erika believes we can solve three terrestrial challenges by going to space. 1. Energy – we could solve the energy problem for centuries to come by beaming solar power from space based solar satellites or a band of solar panels along the Moon’s equator. 2. Bandwidth – we could create universal access to near infinite bandwidth with space-based infrastructure. 3. Biosphere – we have to figure out how to create closed loop human and biological systems in space and could then use the same systems to solve our environmental problems on Earth.
  • The call of a new frontier. Erika finds the call of other planets and moons within our solar system and beyond irresistible. Erika’s itinerary is simple: first the Moon, then Mars and retirement on an interstellar generation ship.

Erika is one of our headline speakers at the Strategy Summit, and she is coming all the way from the U.S to bring space settlement down to Earth in her presentation “Making space investible: show me the markets!” Today, the global space economy is a $300+ billion, 900,000 people sector that barely extends beyond the geo-stationary orbit. What would it take to create a space economy that will extend to the Moon and Mars?

Erika is a talented public speaker and some of you may recognize her from TEDxStavanger in 2013. 

Before embarking on her current mission, Erika served as an executive at the iconic Norwegian technology company TANDBERG (acquired by Cicso in 2010) and spent 6 years as a consultant with McKinsey & Company where she co-led the Firm’s South-East Asian banking practice and managed large-scale performance transformations for banks in Asia-Pacific, Africa and Europe. She holds an LL.M. in International Business Law from the CEU/Emory Law School, a cum laude LL.B. in Law from Tartu University and was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship in 1999.

Meet Erika Ilves at Strategy Summit in Stavanger, January 29th