Meet our participants

We asked two of our participants on Strategy Summit some questions about their perspective on strategy, innovation and change. Karen Elisabeth Ohm Heskja and Frode Henning Killi will both participate at our event January 29th. 

Frode og Karen Elisabeth

Karen Elisabeth Ohm Heskja works as Manager for the Corporate Innovation Centre in Stavanger at Statoil. She is also Co-founder of Startup Weekend Stavanger, and the Initiator and licensee of TEDxStavanger. Karen Elisabeth attended or first Strategy Summit which we organized last year.

Why are you attending Strategy Summit 2015?

“To be inspired, challenged and to expand my professional network.”

Frode Henning Killi is Production Director at Natre Vinduer. He says that he’s idea of participating at Strategy Summit is to start the necessary mind process in their management group to build up a long-term strategy.

For Mr. Killi, their long-term strategy needs two elements

“Fist of all, we want excellent result way beyond the other competitors within our core business. Secondly, we need a strategy that is more in term of the ability to change faster, innovation, use of technology and new ideas that will help us be able to meet tomorrows challenges.

Strategy Summit is also an excellent opportunity to meet other people, and learn more about tools for working with innovation and strategy.”

The oil & gas industry is experiencing a severe drop in the oil price, and many companies are in the process of cost cuttings and reducing staff. What extent of change is there in your industry today? Do you see this changing in the future Karen Elisabeth?

“The oil and gas business I work in is in constant change, but maybe more now than before as the easy oil is gone, the oil price is going down and new energy sources are taking an increasing position i.e. shale and renewables. This results in a need for constant focus on what is next, what to do to be ahead of the game, either by changing, adapting or innovating.”

So, what would you say are your biggest challenges when it comes to change, strategy and innovation at Statoil?

“A big question. Change in itself is not a challenge I would say. Laying out a change strategy is easy. Change is the new normal. The challenge when working with change in an organization is how to make it sustainable and how to get the entire organization to understand it and act on it. The success lies in the implementation.”

Mr. Killi have worked in the Norwegian window and door industry for several years and shares with us that the window and door industry in Norway is still very traditional.

“We are slowly changing. This 3,8 billion NOK marked has changed the last years, with the result that almost none of the Norwegian companies make money producing at home. Competitors coming in from abroad, cheaper products made from other materials then wood, and Norwegian companies outsourcing production are a reality.”

Thank you! We are excited to welcome you both to Strategy Summit January 29th.

Both Statoil and Natre Vinduer are partners at Strategy Summit 2015